May 31, 1978: Commies And The Economy.

News of the day for May 31, 1978. Skyrocketing inflation. Consumer prices suffer a hefty increase. NATO summit decries Communist involvement in Africa. Brezhnev reacts. Zaire fighting continues with French and Belgian troops while first contingent of Moroccan peacekeepers arrive. UN extends peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights. Tuition Tax Credits proposed by Congress. Italian Opera rocked by financial scandal. And Knee-Capping comes to Berlin.

April 14, 1978 - Panama, The FBI And The Middle East As Usual.

News of the day for April 14, 1978 - The Panama Canal treaty fight underway, FBI Warrantless investigations controversy, Israeli leaving Lebanon, Middle East Negotiations, Cyrus Vance in negotiations on Rhodesia and a childhood Leukemia outbreak in Rutherford New Jersey.

It's March 8, 1978 - Do You Know Where Your Neutron Bomb Is?

News of the day for March 8, 1978 - Coal Miners Strike hits 93rd day. Prime Minister Begin to Visit Jimmy Carter and continued Middle East Peace Talks. Holland is first NATO ally to reject deployment of Neutron Bomb. Recount going on in Guatemala from Sunday's election, citing mass vote fraud. Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt listed in critical condition after undergoing 2nd surgery from assassination attempt outside of a courthouse in Georgia.

January 7, 1978 - Pax Americana.

News of the day for January 7, 1978 - President Carter returns from his 7 nation world tour. Vietnam/Cambodian border skirmishes, getting ready for Elvis's birthday.

December 27, 1978 - Dodging Bullets.

News of the day for December 27, 1978 - Riots and bloodshed spreading as the strikes continue against the Shah of Iran. Capture of a suspect in the serial murder of young men and the discovery of over 32 bodies.