December 27, 1979 - "Two Votes Shy".

News of the day for December 27, 1979 - Jimmy Carter getting personally involved with Iran sanctions, just two votes shy in UN. Clergymen who visited hostages say they're okay. Soviet News agency Tass reports coup in Kabul, Afghanistan. U.S. has right to check Iranian student visas and deport. and Living standards expected to go down in the 1980's.

November 1, 1979 - Park And Mamie.

News of the day for November 1, 1979 - the funeral of South Korean President Park Chung Hee, victim of an assassins bullet. Situation in Cambodia, U.S. cuts off aid to Bolivia. Former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower to be buried in Abilene Kansas next to Ike and the Pegasus II Satellite scheduled to crash to earth some time today.

October 13, 1979 - Castro, Caucuses And Defectors.

News for this day in history, October 13, 1979 - The Florida Caucuses begin, The Iowa Straw Poll starts. Ask The President isn't taking any calls. Gas prices threaten to go up. Castro in New York. Leonid and Valentina Kozlov are latest Russian ballet stars to defect to U.S.

June 13, 1979 - SALT And Somoza

News of the day for June 13, 1979 - Carter gets Senate repudiation over Rhodesian sanctions, SALT II Treaty signing preparations and criticism. Carter getting ready to leave for Vienna and first face-to-face with Leonid Brezhnev. Conference of Mayors gets ready for "The austere 80's". Nicaragua fighting heats up. Panama riots over 28% rise in gas prices and Thailand starts shipping Cambodians back home by the busload.