2004 Election

Will Obama Win The Character War?

Back in May, I argued that with the American electorate's across-the-board preference for Democratic policies and a historically unpopular Republica

The Democrats' DaVinci Code

American Prospect An oldie but goodie from David Sirota. As the Democratic Party goes through its quadrennial self-flagellation process, the same ti

WIkipedia Definition Of Swiftboating

"Swiftboating is American political jargon for truthful and accurate debunking of John Kerry's exaggerated military experience in Vietnam. The Swift B

"For YR Eyes Only"

Yes we all have seen that god fearing Christian boy Paul Gourley taking Holy Communion here, but did you know he is also a master strategist? While


MSNBC: Judge rules "no fraud" in WA Gov. Election A Washington judge rules against Republican Rossi in his challenge to take the 2004 election away