Where are the noggins of yesteryear? The General has a few ideas to send Roger Ailes to help defend John Gibson's " Five in the Noggin" comment. Oh,

Simple Simon

Simple Simon via Roger AIles There's a word for this post. Genius. Read it.

Bush Tapes Indicate He Smoked Pot

via Talk Left Doug Wead, an author who was an aide to the former President Bush, has released secretly recorded tapes of his conversations with GW B

Officer Alleges CIA Retaliation

By Dana Priest A senior CIA operative who handled sensitive informants in Iraq asserts that CIA managers asked him to falsify his reporting on weapo

43 Shots  

Roger Ailes It's often said that Bush values loyalty over compentency. In the case of his new Director of Homeland Security, Bernie "Cut-and-Run" Keri

Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites the Dust Roger Ailes Finally -- finally! -- an obituary that mentions some of the unpleasant truths about Reed Irvine: Ideological

O'Reilly Post-Mortem

Roger Ailes (the good Roger Ailes) In comments, Cybelle asks: Bill and his lawyers are claiming that there was no "wrong doing". wtf? Sexually haras