Mike's Blog Round Up

Good Morning! Closing out the week guest blogging, it is once again me, Alex that is, leaving the familiar confines of Martini Revolution. Thanks to M

Mike's Blog Round Up

Dusty at It's My Right To Be Left of Center has video of a Japanese journalist being killed in Burma. I had to look away. *link fixed Buck Naked Poli

Washington Post Blog Back On

Jane digs in. So nice to see that it took Brady weeks to figure out a few rules for posting a comment. Brad DeLong, David Ehrenstein, Paul Lukasiak an

Strange Awakening At FOX

Strange awakening at FOX I tried to post this earlier before I got distracted by television, but my mail kept being rejected, so I posted it at The Si

FOX News Flip-flop

FOX news flip-flop FOX Flip Flops On Global Warming. The way I heard it, Roger Ailes (not the good one) went to see Al Gore's speech on the environmen


Roger Ailes talks a walk down memory lane. Why is Drudge called the "eggman" you ask? Click here.

Dean On CIA Leak

Jarvis on Reliable Sources Reliable Sources about the Miers nomination. JEFF JARVIS: ...Well, no, you know, if this weren't so profoundly important,

More Of Mike's Blog Round-up

Billmon compares the administration's current incompetent performance with last year's relief efforts in...ahem...Florida. Check out some non-US blog