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Sibel Edmonds: Gagged but not Dead This one comes to us from our good friends at It concerns the Sibel Edmonds case, which we have pai

Fables Of The Reconstruction

Gonzales: Apparently Not As Bad As Ashcroft TalkLeft writes that Attorney General Gonzales met with the ACLU's executive director Anthony Romero on

Randall Terry's Freak Show

On Hannity and Colmes, Terry would not discuss the recently sold donor list and got down right hostile that Colmes even brought up the subject. [

Bush Tapes Indicate He Smoked Pot

via Talk Left Doug Wead, an author who was an aide to the former President Bush, has released secretly recorded tapes of his conversations with GW B

Ashcroft At It Again!

Ashcroft at it again!Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush Didn't he leave yet?I know it's hard to admit Johnnie boy, but we do have a constituti