Beijing Air Pollution Soars

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing recorded the highest levels of air pollution on Saturday since it began its monitoring system in 2008. The Environmental Protection Agency deems air pollution levels between 301 and 500 to be “hazardous,”

May 14, 1978 - Grumblings And Threats.

News of the day for May 14, 1978 - Sabre rattling between Ethiopia and Somalia. Sabre rattling between China and Russia. U.S. Military experts traveling to China, Taiwan views it as slap in the face. Russian language newspaper in Manhattan bombed by pro-Israeli group Jewish Resistance, no injuries. Senate readies to vote potential veto of Jimmy Carter's F-15 Fighter package to Israel, Egypt and Suadi Arabia. Northwest Airlines continues negotiations with union. Abel Muzorewa threatens to quit bi-racial transitional government of Ian Smith. American companies in Iran told to restrict employees movements due to anti-government violence.

Tiananmen Square - May 19-21, 1989

(Not thrilled to be there) As the numbers swelled into the hundreds of thousands, the political tug-of-war continued. The students called off their

Mike's Blog Roundup

TPM Election Central: Ten senior Hess Corporation executives and/or members of the Hess family each gave $28,500 to the joint RNC-McCain fundraising c