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May 14, 1978 - Grumblings And Threats.

News of the day for May 14, 1978 - Sabre rattling between Ethiopia and Somalia. Sabre rattling between China and Russia. U.S. Military experts traveling to China, Taiwan views it as slap in the face. Russian language newspaper in Manhattan bombed by pro-Israeli group Jewish Resistance, no injuries. Senate readies to vote potential veto of Jimmy Carter's F-15 Fighter package to Israel, Egypt and Suadi Arabia. Northwest Airlines continues negotiations with union. Abel Muzorewa threatens to quit bi-racial transitional government of Ian Smith. American companies in Iran told to restrict employees movements due to anti-government violence.

<strong>Senators Chase(L), Sparkman(C) and Church(R). The threatened No vote had Carter worried</strong>.

May 14, 1978 saw the world in a state of threatened discontent. There were grumblings of a war developing between Ethiopia and Somalia. Border clashes between China and Russia brought a call from Beijing for intense training of its armed forces, citing a war between the two Communist powers was inevitable. Three Cambodian soldiers were killed in a clash with Thai Border police. And Yassar Arafat let everyone know Cuba offered to send troops to Lebanon if the PLO asked.

Meanwhile, a group of military experts was slated to accompany National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski on his upcoming trip to China. It was viewed as a slap in the face to Taiwan and further evidence the Taipei government was losing favor with the White House.

Speaking of Capitol Hill; the big push was on to win over votes in the Senate for Jimmy Carter's F-15 Fighter jet sales package to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The bill was in threat of being vetoed and Carter pledged to override the veto if push came to shove.

A Russian language newspaper published in Manhattan was bombed by a Pro-Israeli group calling themselves The Jewish Resistance. No injuries, but a lot of damage, and phone calls claiming credit also demanded Russian Jews be allowed to emigrate to Israel.

In Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Abel Muzorewa threatened to pull out of the bi-racial transitional government of Ian Smith over the recent dismissal of a Black judge.

And American companies operating in Iran were told to restrict the movements of their employees because of intensified anti-government violence against the Shah.

Supposedly a quiet news day, since May 14th in 1978 was a Sunday.

All that, as reported by Neil Strawser on the 7:00 am (PDT) CBS Hourly News.

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