May 14, 1978 - Grumblings And Threats.

News of the day for May 14, 1978 - Sabre rattling between Ethiopia and Somalia. Sabre rattling between China and Russia. U.S. Military experts traveling to China, Taiwan views it as slap in the face. Russian language newspaper in Manhattan bombed by pro-Israeli group Jewish Resistance, no injuries. Senate readies to vote potential veto of Jimmy Carter's F-15 Fighter package to Israel, Egypt and Suadi Arabia. Northwest Airlines continues negotiations with union. Abel Muzorewa threatens to quit bi-racial transitional government of Ian Smith. American companies in Iran told to restrict employees movements due to anti-government violence.

February 22, 1979 - The Chinese Excursion Into Vietnam

News of the Day for February 22, 1979 - The Chinese invasion of Vietnam and growing fear of its escalation. The Soviet Union massing troops on the China/Mongolia border according to Japanese news sources. Iran frees former Marine hostage after six days captivity. Police on Strike in New Orleans - another day in paradise.