Billy Graham

Billy Graham's Truce With Mormonism; Scrubs Cult Reference

The Christian right has cried uncle and issued a truce on Mormons to try and help elect Mitt Romney. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed language labeling Mormonism a “cult” from its website after the famed preacher met

Billy Graham's Daughter: 'I Would Not Vote For An Atheist'

The daughter of televangelist Rev. Billy Graham says that it's important to discriminate against candidates who are atheists because politicians "should have a fear for almighty God." In an interview with Ann Graham Lotz on Sunday, NBC host David

Sarah Palin's Fake Bus Tour

Celtic Diva at Blue Oasis has this interesting bit of speculation on how Miss Palin has been getting around: Sarah Palin arrived in North Carolina

Billy Graham And The Clintons

Watching the clip on This Week, I forgot that Billy Graham is a Democrat. The right wing fake preachers have tried so hard to steal religion as thei

Frank Rich,

The Passion of the Bush at the New York Times writes about the the DVD being released to counter the DVD release of Fahrenheit 911. 300,000 copies of