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New Dem Out-- Democratic Socialist In

New Dem Out-- Democratic Socialist In

Derek Kilmer has the worst democratic voting record of any Democrat in Washington State. That's why we've endorsed a fearless advocate to challenge the #WA06 seat he's using to further the conservative (Republican Lite) agenda. Watch out, here comes Rebecca Parson!

Blue Dog Etheridge Gets Physical

I'm sure you've seen the video of Blue Dog Etheridge basically assaulting probably a couple of Breitbart-flunkie-wannabe jackasses. I'll never trust

Why Chuck Todd Is An Idiot

John Cole finds Chuck Todd wanking away on Twitter. Shorter Chuck Todd: It’s only big news if the Democrats fail! I guess he didn’t pick up on

Three Unreal Videos

Last week over at, I began asking Republican opponents of health care reform if they could tell me how many of their constituents are