Valentine's Day: Nay Or Yay?

Valentine's Day: Nay Or Yay?

Which politician would you take out on Valentine's Day? Sarah Palin? Sounds like everyone would take Sarah Palin out on an Alaskan cruise if they could.

Open Thread

The trailer for PEZheads. Curtis Allina, the man who brought the PEZ dispenser to market, died earlier this month. h/t Guys from Area 51. Open thre

Unsure What To Be For Halloween?

Target Stores has an idea for you: How about being an "Illegal Alien"? That's right, complete with Area 51 alien rubber mask orange prison jumpsuit

Bob Novak Lies Again

Faiz once again pulls out the quotes to catch Bob not being honest. [media id=13414]-WMP Here’s what Bob Novak just told Candy Crowley on CNN: