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Rockridge Institute: Credit Cards for Everyone, but a Voter ID for Thee. [On topic, anyone else noticed Christmas retail displays are up?  I mean

When Is CNN Gonna Dump This Guy?

I don't usually bother with this guy, but what a racist pig: MediaMatters: On the November 14 edition of his CNN Headline News program, Glenn Be

Roundup: November 4

CorrenteWire: Better old people should die than vote Democratic The Blue State: Military Times newspapers to call for Rumsfeld's resignation The

Jack Burkman: My Space Man

I'm certainly glad that my site was used to expose some truth about him... Remember new bloggers. Make sure you use graphics as much as possible. You

Why Does Bush Hate Christmas?

The wingnuts respond to the White House "Holiday" card: "This clearly demonstrates that the Bush administration has suffered a loss of will and that