Mike's Blog Roundup

Think Moderate: President Bush lies (again) about the troop 'surge' d r i f t g l a s s: Please, I am begging you. Begging. Keep defending Al

Tainted Gluten Was Food Grade

The hits just keep on coming on this story. There's a chance that this gluten will show up in human food now. It's telling that the FDA has ye

Faces Of The Fallen

Over at Black Cats Domain, Sharon has put together a video of the "Faces Of The Fallen" exhibit in Washington. A moving exhibit and video. Go look.

Meet The Press 12/5 Video Clips

Interview with Ghazi al-Yawar talks about AMerican Troop levesls. MR. RUSSERT: But that will take several years. PRES. AL-YAWAR: No. I don't think i