The Cincinnati Enquirer is preparing to rank President Obama’s first hundred days. In doing so they listed how local lawmakers have voted with the P

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Amygdala: Clean Slate Day. There will be a few scorched earth dead-enders, but grownup progressives will see the wisdom in unity. Hillary didn't lose

Mike's Blog Roundup

Betsy's Page: SCOTUS to hear challenges to 'Millionaire's Exemption' to Campaign Finance Reform Oliver Willis: A pattern emerges... ANNALS OF JOURNA

Mike's Blog Roundup

Liberal Values: To conservatives, Europe is a mass of socialism as described in an old Ayn Rand novel with economies doomed to forever fall behind the

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(click image for larger) [Reminder: there's an Iowa Caucus Open Thread tonight, too.] One thing a blogger learns when they decide to take their blo

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10 Zen Monkeys: 2007 Remixed Truthdig: The Iowa Caucus Con Petrelis Files: In announcing Bill Kristol's new gig, and 'disclosing' his political acti

A Do-Something Congress

The conventional wisdom is that the 110th Congress, which is getting close to its summer break, has been a let-down. Thanks to presidential vetoes and