Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Walter Cronkite covering the Apollo 11 landing, July 1969. Part 1--watch Part 2 and 3 here. Walter Cronkite's death this week really brought into s

Mike's Blog Roundup

Working Life: Why we miss John Edwards' voice on trade and globalization. Amygdala: Knowing what one is talking about. Connecting.the.Dots: Lotts of

More On ABC's 9/11 Mini Series...

Are you wondering if ABC actually did only target right wing blogs in their effort to promote their new mini series? Look no further than to the Cowar


DOD Web site jokes of Christian crusade against Muslims via : It's a photo of a US tank dubbed the "New Testament" - the name of the tank is written

Bill Schneider Tries

On Inside Politics today, Bill Schneider did an Oscar round up and said: SCHNEIDER: The head of the Motion Picture Academy provide a moment that red