Mike's Blog Roundup

Working Life: Why we miss John Edwards' voice on trade and globalization. Amygdala: Knowing what one is talking about. Connecting.the.Dots: Lotts of


YahooNews : Wisconsin's revenue agency said Friday that it sent as many as 170,000 forms to taxpayers with mailing labels mistakenly printed with

Video On C&L

I haven't switched to flash on the videos I burn for C&L and I want to know your opinion. There are many readers that don't update or buy

Maryland Madness

C&Ler MrEMan was working on a Maryland State Senate campaign and gives us his impression of the poll and voter problems in Maryland's primary yest

Even The NSA Website Spys On Us

"The National Security Agency's Internet site has been placing files on visitors' computers that can track their Web surfing activity despite strict f

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Swift Report: The White House has requested that media outlets refrain from taking pictures of incompetent members of the Bush Administration or p

Website Suggestions

How do people people feel about "embedded" video players? I know other sites are using them. They might give the site a more polished look ( I never w