Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?

Gen. Keith Alexander is the director of the National Security Agency and oversees U.S. Cyber Command, which means he leads the government’s effort to protect America from cyberattacks. Due to the secretive nature of his job, he maintains a relatively low profile, so when he does speak, people listen closely. On July 9, Alexander addressed a crowded room at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and though he started with a few jokes — his mother said he had a face for radio, behind every general is a stunned father-in-law — he soon got down to business.

N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation

. The above Youtube video contains the audio of a 911 call that the New York Police Department tried to keep secret. After over a year of requests, The Associated Press finally received access to a 911 tape the New York Police Department

Thousands Of Books Will Never Be Read Again In The People's Library

A member of Occupy Wall Street has filed a claim on behalf of the group stating that the city of New York had either damaged beyond repair, or destroyed books and other property from the People's Library at Zuccotti Park totalling $47,000. Filing the claim is the first step towards a civil suit in the matter...

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MSNBC: "Robot warriors will get a guide to ethics: When and what to fire will be part of hardware and software 'package'" Hey, if machines can lea