Secret Koch Group Revealed

Secret Koch Group Revealed

A secretive conservative group raised millions of dollars for right-wing causes and served as the outlet for the Koch Brothers ideas in the 2012 election.

Public TV Tried To Placate David Koch

A New York public television outlet, WNET, went to great lengths to placate conservative industrialist David Koch as PBS aired an Alex Gibney documentary on income inequality that focused on the conservative billionaire.

Conservative Group Targets McConnell

A conservative advocacy group has targeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, running ads in his home state of Kentucky highlighting his key role in negotiating a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. Brent Bozell, the president of For America,

McCain Breaks With Romney, Won't Continue To Back Mourdock

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper tonight, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) broke with Mitt Romney and said that he could not continue to support Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock unless he offers an apology for saying during

No One Danced Around Michelle Malkin's Bonfires This Week

Conservative columnist and Fox News commentator, Michelle Malkin is having a really tough time lately. As she throws gasoline on every fire, or would-be fire that comes up in the media, no one will dance around the flames with her. It seems it's getting difficult to be a right-wing extremist these days.

Nice Try, Gutless Little Twerp

Missouri Republican Todd Akin released a new ad Tuesday where he asked voters to forgive him. "The fact is, rape can lead to pregnancy ... I am asking for your forgiveness," Akin says in the ad, where he speaks directly to the camera...