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Bill Moyers: The United States Of ALEC

A national consortium of state politicians and powerful corporations, ALEC presents itself as a “nonpartisan public-private partnership”. But behind that mantra lies a vast network of corporate lobbying and political action aimed to increase corporate profits at public expense without public knowledge.

Romney Calls America A 'Company'

Mitt gives new meaning to the term "corporate America" in this clip. At a Florida rally, he gives the whole tired speech about how President Obama "just doesn't understand the economy". He then launches into his promises about how he and Paul

Papantonio: The Republican Assault On Labor Reaches New Lows

From GoLefttv: Papantonio: The Republican Assault on Labor Reaches New Lows: Working America labors under the weakest protections from abusive management in the developed world, by far. We take it as a given that our bosses can fire us for

GOPese To English Dictionary

The GOP barely bothers to hide its desire to “refudiate” every civilizing advance of the 20th Century—everything from Medicare to Voting Rights to Civil Rights to Labor laws to universal education to clean air, water and food. But the made up