Vancouver Casseroles Just Getting Started

While the Toronto Casseroles parade is fading, Vancouver's is only getting started. Last week, Vancouver Casseroles in solidarity with the Quebec Students and against the austerity of Cherest and Harper took the Cambie Bridge from both

Pink Ribbons: What Are They Tied To?

This is a trailer for a documentary coming out Friday about the "pinkification" of breast cancer. Could it be any more timely, considering the exposure of the Susan G Komen Foundation as a right-wing tool? So much information has emerged, so

Why It Matters

I know there is a lot of frustration in the blogosphere right now because President Obama has not been kind to liberals and progressives. And I unders

Phony Populism Arrives

Thomas Frank writes an excellent article about the possible rise of the teabaggers. Paul Ryan, the man who takes more money than anybody from big bu