Linda McMahon: Stop, Squirm And Run

The so-called race for Chris Dodd's senate seat in Connecticut appears to be winding down to what most observers thought it would be months ago when Dodd decided to retire rather than lose against Linda McMahon of WWE fame and her millions poured into the race. It was assumed popular and longtime attorney-general Richard Blumenthal would have no trouble defeating her.

Rob Simmons' 'Change Of Heart'

Rob Simmons is former congressman from Connecticut now campaigning to win the Republican nomination to take on Senator Chris Dodd next year. A moder

NSFW Political Ad

The Connecticut Democratic party put out yesterday one of the more salacious and offensive political ads I've ever seen. They did so by simply takin

Of Lying Weasels...

[media id=7762] [YouTube] Sean Hannity of Fox News tried this week to goad Republican challengers Sam Caliguiri and Rob Simmons into calling Senator