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Mike's Blog Roundup

Halfway There: My father was angry at Rep. Giffords last summer. He didn't remember her name at the time, but he "knew" that she was a commie-liberal idiot. At least he hasn't gone after any of his imaginary enemies with guns yet.

Mike's Blog Roundup

Ephphatha Poetry: Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black cab drollery: The LA Times business columnist David Lazarus aske the right questions and provide

Priorities, People!

The General ranks the importance of some of Secret Service's duties. Making sure Jenna has a good time in Mexico ranks up there. So does interrupting

Ava And YearlyKos

Ava and YearlyKos Ava Lowery, the fifteen year old girl who received numerous death threats for making this haunting video just put this together for

Jim Brady: Our New Crybaby

Let's have a poll. How long will Brady continually play the victim? I agree Jim, you don't understand the internet. It's not calculus, but your phony

Bill O'Reilly Sez...

...he needs armed body guards because of people like Paul Krugman. [media id=12948]-wmp [media id=12949] We'll pay anyone 50.00 if they can f


Whittemore:The new target via World O' Crap: From the Miami Herald piece Crazies Have new Target: Pity James D. Whittemore, next in line for unho