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Lost Republican Wisdom

Back when moderate Republicans were more numerous and had control of the party's discussion, they could be counted upon to develop some fairly sound national security guidance. Here's one of those moments: First: No people on earth can be held,

Repubs Aren't Serious About National Security

Igor Volsky at the Wonk Room reports on a press release from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, who want to remind us about all of the benefits that the Republicans will be denying the service members of the US armed forces, because it's

Sarah Palin Has Zero Military Cred

For some strange unexplicable reason, Thomas Donnelly (AEI defense analyst, former PNAC deputy executive director) felt compelled to endorse Sarah Pal

Reining In Defense Budgets

Steve Benen writes the defense post that I've been considering for the last few days. He's asking, so where are those responsible Republican fisca