Mike's Blog Round Up

Cajun Boy: It's sad to think McCain has more houses that I have open tabs in Firefox. Diamond John McCain also owns more homes than Tom Cruise and Par

Mike's Blog Roundup

Republic of Sestakastan: Presents, "No Such Agency" (h/t Blue Gal) Whiskey Fire: To state that the US military is not necessarily or even re

Tainted Pet Food Scandal Expands

Reuters: Pet food tainted with the chemical melamine was found in feed rations on a California hog farm and may show up on other U.S. farms, state and

Jailed Iraqi Blogger Freed.

Khalid Jarrar's mother reports that Iraqi blogger Khalid is free and on his way to Jordan! Great news. Hopefully, we'll hear more good news about him

Khalid Jarrar: Blogger, Prisoner

Bill's Big Diamond Blog In the midst of the all-Rove discussions this weekend, a little reality seeps through. Passing through the blogosphere, I s


How the Plame Affair Started Bill's big diamond blog I’ve just re-read Joe Wilson’s July 2003 Times piece, the column that set off the Pla