C&L's Late Night Music Club With Alice In Chains

Former Alice In Chains' bassist Mike Starr was found dead in his home on Tuesday. I wore the band's 1992 album Dirt out in high school, and the songs still hold up for me today. Rest In Peace. For those with sensitive ears, this song uses the

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Poor Man Institute: Oops I killed you Jed Report: Rep. Steve King to Conservatives: 'Implode' IRS offices Majikthise: Anything For A Buck Dept:

MIKE'S Blog Roundup

ginandtacos: 'Democrats-as-socialists' comments are particularly lame coming from someone like the CEO of Coca Cola. Dirt-cheap, subsidized corn sweet

Eight Days Of Training

We’ve learned quite a bit recently about U.S. forces in Iraq deciding to work with Sunni militiamen, some of whom were killing Americans up until f

Bye Bye Severin

Gone from Tucker's show, I had heard him on Imus give the " traveling is a bitch" excuse and thought it odd. Whenever Rachel pummeled his logic into t