Politics Past - 1972: "Say Watergate And Duck".

Politics Past - 1972: "Say Watergate And Duck" - Issues & Answers program featuring Sen. Robert Dole, Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Lawrence O'Brien, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Chairman of the McGovern-Shriver Campaign over allegations of the Watergate Break-in. Originally broadcast on September 24, 1972.

Political Super Genius, David Brooks, Has Advice For Obama

Above: A graphic representation of David Brooks' Grand political strategy. What could go wrong?Oh jeez. David Brooks is giving Obama advice again. And don't get me wrong, Obama could use some advice. But sadly, Brooks' current advice does not

Hockey As An Iraq Metaphor

Raw Story: U.S. President George Bush told the NHL champion Carolina Hurricanes Friday he likes to be "around people that keep expectations low,