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EPA Allowing Energy Companies To Poison Our Drinking Water

As I've pointed out several times, the Obama administration left the Bush political appointees in place at the EPA, to the point where the dedicated professionals who were trying to do their jobs were calling the agency "Bush 3." Many of us believe

David And Goliath In The Tar Sands

To The Last Drop, Part One: Communities prepare to rise up, but they can't do it alone. For every barrel of bitumen that comes out of the ground in Northern Alberta, Canada, another 1.5 barrels of toxic waste is created and dumped into

This Week: Actor Matt Damon's Clean Water Mission

While the Sunday talk shows were dominated as usual by Republicans from one end of the dial to the other, ABC's This Week did allow one liberal some air time, actor Matt Damon whose organization, water.org is working to provide clean drinking water

Massive Flooding In The Midwest

Reuters: Overflowing rivers in Iowa and other Midwest states forced evacuations and disrupted the region's economy on Friday with fears of worse to

Los Angeles DWP In Crisis

(Guest Blogged by Julia Rosen) Our infrastructure is aging across the country, case in point the explosion in New York the other week. In Los Angeles