C&L's Late Night Music Club With ELO

ELO original member Mike Edwards died last week when a hay bale crashed into his van in Devon, England. The cellist played with the group from its inception until 1975. What a way to go. RIP.

Mike's Blog Roundup

his vorpal sword: Global Notwarming Tanks Rumble Across Tundra The Sardonic Sideshow: Obama: The Flame War President Stinque: Talibunny laundering P

Mike's Blog Round Up

Unfogged: McCain has done the same thing Edwards did. At least Edwards isn't running for president anymore. Chris Floyd: Marching through Georgia ll:

Mike's Blog Roundup

Beggars Can Be Choosers: $10 billion Pentagon program fails to defeat IED threat in Iraq Immigration Prof Blog: Business is fighting tough measures o

Potty Mouth Halperin

Dude, what's up? He said this on live radio and I wonder if John Edwards really said that about Obama? Halperin later apologizes. I’m sorry. In a