Celebrate 91 Years Of Women Voting

Women finally earned the right to vote 91 years ago today - after 72 years of largely unappreciated, back-breaking, work. It took another 66 years before we elected the first Democratic Senator in her own right - today Barbara Mikulski is the

John Boehner Flunks Politics 101

Rachel Maddow does a fantastic job of taking apart John Boehner for his disastrous interview with The Pittsburgh Tribune Review among a few other

Mike's Blog Roundup

Pam's House Blend: GOP wingnuts demagogue DADT, but House votes to allow repeal No More Mister Nice Blog: Some suggested alternate Obama reacti

Open Thread

USA Today: Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who runs the committee tasked with helping elect Republicans to Congress, said Tuesday's defeat in Mississippi

Joe Lieberman Memories From 2006:

He's turned into Zellieberman now. Zell Lieberman. What ever you want to call him---the fact remains that he's an embarrassment to himself and to hi