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Scandal! The Kissing Congressman

Scandal! The Kissing Congressman

Just because Vance McAllister, the married Republican congressman, was caught on video kissing a member of his staff, Melissa Hixon Peacock, doesn't mean it was all sinister.

Failed TN GOP Candidate Arrested For Domestic Violence

Oh, those Republican family values, rearing their ugly head again: Tennessee Republican Brad Staats, a losing congressional candidate earlier this month, was arrested early Sunday morning on a domestic assault charge after police responded to

Welcome To Motherhood: You're On Your Own

There's a lot of rhetoric on supporting women on both sides of the aisle. There's endless talk about family values. And we're up to our collective necks in jingoistic American exceptionalism. And according to the organization Save the

Rick Santorum's Nasty, Mean Wisconsin Robocall

Rick Santorum is a lunatic who really needs to do some soul-searching about why he hates gays so much. Check out this robocall, which was run in Ohio and now Wisconsin by third party "independent supporters." I'm guessing it's one they'll use in


Other than his tasteless joke about Ellen at the end of this, kudos to Bill Maher for reminding us of just how many Republicans like Newt Gingrich who's still pretending he wants to run for president are huge flaming hypocrites when it comes to