Financial Institutions

The Conservative Closet

Ultra-conservatives really love the closet. And no, I'm not just talking in a Larry-Craig-kinda way. Sure, some of them who use it to protect themselves, but many more use it to protect their agenda. You see, the closet can hide all sorts of

Congress Demands Bank Regulations

As JPMorgan announced a $2 billion trading loss, members of Congress called for federal regulators to scrutinize and tighten banking rules and trades. New rules are being drafted as part of the Dodd-Frank bill that prevent federal banks from

Another City Is Possible, Another World Is Possible

Another awesome video from the folks at, and the weekend's scheduled events for NYC. May 10-15: A Week of Actions Against Budget Cuts and Austerity Tuesday May 15 @ 6 PM: Mass Convergence in Times Square on Global Day

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg: Stop Picking On Goldman Sachs

New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come to the defense of publicly shamed Goldman Sachs, and calls the attention given to the scathing resignation letter in the New York Times by a Goldman executive "ridiculous."

The 12 Days Of Christmas From Occupy The Boardroom

This just in from our friends at Occupy the Boardroom. Someone has submitted an email to be delivered to John F.W. Rogers, a board member of Goldman Sachs with their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas: To: John F W Rogers, Goldman