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Jane Hamsher On The Bush Presidency

January 16, 2009 C-SPAN Jane Hamsher talked about the presidency of George W. Bush. She responded to telephone calls and electronic mail. Ms. Hamsher

Mike's Blog Roundup

Facing South: Gulf Coast nonprofit groups were left out as FEMA gave away $85 million in Katrina supplies. Fire Dog Lake: If there is a President Oba

Mike's Blog Round Up

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Eric Umansky: US watching from sidelines as mosques are scorched...Sunnis pissed. Dear Leader's response to Cheney, Iraq, Dubai,

Breaking: A Message From Bill Keller

Breaking: A Message from Bill Keller Check out this memo from Bill Keller at The NY Times to his staff in it's entirety that I have verified from thr