What Are We Fighting For?

FireDogLake has a great video up on the WGA strike: We've set up a tool that allows you to select your favorite TV show and send an email directly t

Open Thread: Blogger Party

(graphic via FireDogLake) Went to a blogger party last Sunday at Steve Audio's house. It was a fun time being with my blogger pals. From L to R: How

The "You Work For Us" Summer Tour

Emotions are running high right now...there's a lot of justifiable anger out in the blogosphere (or blogtopia, for skippy).  The question now falls t

The Marla Ruzicka Story

Hey folks, Cliff Schecter here. You may remember me from posting at C&L on election night, or from some YouTube videos where I get a bit "agg

Great Yearly Kos Plame Panel

On June 9, 2006, Jane will be hosting a Plame panel in Vegas. Christy Hardin Smith, former prosecutor and blogger at Firedoglake . Ambassador Joseph

The Phony Hollywood Argument

James Wolcott: "Anyway, the 'Hollywood doesn't reflect mainstream America' argument is one of the oldest and phoniest in the playbook, with Michael