Francine Busby

Busby Responds To Attack Ads

Stakeholder: "This is the last ditched effort of the Delay-Cunningham machine to hold onto power in this district,” said Busby’s Communicat

The Joe Lieberman Shhhh...

Reader B: "I was at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner on Thursday 3/30, and Joe Shh-ed the crowd 4 times. It reminded me a lot of Dr. Evil, so I ma

Worst Person: Kaloogian's Folly

Keith Olbermann gives the dubious honor to Kaloogian for the phony photograph. [media id=14837]-WMP [media id=14838]-QT Go Francine Busby. Kevin D

Kaloogian's Folly

After being exposed as frauds, Kaloogian responds to the fake picture of Iraq posted. Duncan has the new picture posted which is even more ridiculous

Kaloogian's Funky Photo

Kaloogian's funky photo Francine Busby must have this guy nervous to post a funky photo. The General has created a new campaign poster for Kaloogia

Francine Busby

Francine Busby Two weeks from today, Francine's election comes up to see who gains Cunningham's seat in San Diego. The Dukester just had some of his