G. Gordon Liddy

Block The Media

The wrong kind of media I should say. Wonkette: Just to let you know, the US Marines have blocked access to “Wonkette” along with numerous

Mike's Blog Round Up

Facing South: FEMA not spending billions in relief money...this is astounding! Not a blog, but a cockeyed Comic book. The plot: Can Sean Hannity, G.


NBC Today: Joe Wilson says Rove "should be fired" Wilson went on the offensive this morning on the "Today Show" and asked that the President stick t


BALANCE, CABLE NEWS–STYLE via Tapped ...Nothing quite captures the storied revolving-door problem in American political punditry like seeing o

Joe Scarborough Issues An Apology

via Fair: Earlier in the week, MSNBC produced a segment that was to discuss a skit from Air America's Randi Rhodes Show (4/25/05) Joe Scarborough turn