Gerald Ford

May 24, 1976 "I Can't File - I Can't Type".

News of the day for May 24, 1976 - The Wayne Hays - Elizabeth Ray scandal breaks on Capitol Hill. The SST begins flights to U.S. - Relations between Sweden and the U.S. get back to normal. Fighting continues in Beirut and U.S. Steel threatens to pull up stakes and move from Pittsburgh to Texas.

What Capitol Hill Sounded Like On March 1, 1975

A look at what Capitol Hill was up to this day in 1975, via The Washington Week In Review from CBS Radio on March 1, 1975 - Gerald Ford and the budget, Gerald Ford and Congress, The Congress and The energy Crisis and Nelson Rockefeller not giving a good God-Damn about 1980. Fun week.

Rachel Maddow: Doomed To Repeat It

Rachel Maddow recounts the lip service given to the need for our country to get off of its oil dependence by our political leaders while one disaster

Mike's Blog Roundup

TPMCafe: It is now clear there were elements within America's government and/or military, working in concert with Iraq's current scarecrow pow