Hamid Karzai

Gibbs Zings Gingrich: We'll Call Him For Lunar Colony Advice

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Sunday dismissed foreign policy criticism from Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, quipping that his advice was only valuable "f there’s a problem on a lunar colony." Last week,

Santorum: Obama Wrong To Apologize For Quran Burning

Rick Santorum says there's no reason to apologize for burning holy books as long as it's just an innocent mistake. The Republican presidential candidate on Sunday blasted President Barack Obama for expressing regret after U.S. troops burned a

Jeremy Scahill On NATO Negotiating With Taliban Imposter

The Nation's Jeremy Scahill sat down with his colleague Chris Hayes who was filling in for Rachel Maddow to discuss the latest farce concerning our occupation in Afghanistan and the lack of intelligence on the ground there.

Taliban Leader Backs Secret Peace Talks With Karzai

Secret talks are under way between the Taliban and Afghanistan's shaky leader, Hamid Karzai. This is pretty good news: WASHINGTON — Taliban leader Mullah Omar has, for the first time, backed secret high-level talks with the Afghan government to

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun As some of you may remember, I have spent the last two weeks with my sister awaiting the birth of her second chi