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From a few years ago. Al Franken is still doing this fabulous schtick (Hey! Does this talent make him too elitist/educated to be Senator?) at fundra

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I can't believe that's Harry Shearer in Karl Rove makeup. "The Turd Blossom Special". Open thread below...

Open Thread

From another new source for entertainment on the web, but "teh cool" quotient for this one is fairly high: MyDamnChannel has Harry Shearer and Don

Tommy Franks On Hardball

Tommy Franks joined Matthews to talk about the six generals (listed here) that have come out and asked for Rummy to get the boot. John finds an inter

Eat The Press: Chris And Tom

Harry Shearer has some tape of Delay and Matthews before their segment started. Can a guy suck up to a disgraced politician more than this? Duncan: "