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Harold's Left: The socialism of Firemen Majikthise: Emerging narrative: Shut up liberals, you're ruining it. But the squeeky wheel gets the grease M

Open Thread

Joe Klein and Hugh Hewitt are splitsville. And the pundit world mourns....

Mike's Blog Roundup

Nieman Watchdog: Lieutenant General William E. Odom, who was director of the National Security Agency under President Reagan, spanked Hugh Hewitt in a


I guess Broder approves because they don't use dirty f*&king hippie words, but Greenwald nails it: Nonetheless, Campos' central point is

And The Right Eats Its Own

And Hugh Hewitt shrinks smaller and smaller. GOP activists and donors built the GOP senate delegation, as well as the majority that was punted away.

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William K. Wolfrum: When wingers collide...Hitchens goes off on Hewitt during an interview Whippersnapp: The Bushistas sure have some strange allies.