Backstage Weekend - Supersister In Concert 1971/1972

(Supersister - One of the most influential bands of the 70s most people never heard of) One of the great upshots of the Progressive era in rock music was that few years where bands were influencing each other, freely borrowing and nobody from

January 14, 1986 - Terrorists, Rebels And Ventriloquists.

News of the day for January 14, 1986 - Terrorist alerts all over Europe with the threat coming from Palestinians, hot on the heels of the Achille Lauro hi-jacking aftermath. Fighting escalating in Yemen between rebel forces and government troops. David Rockefeller ignites massive protests in Buenos Aires on his visit to the country. The Middle East continues it's skirmish swap and vice-President Bush joins Daniel Ortega at the Inauguration of Guatemalan President Vinicio Cerezo. The Reagan Years.

World Cup Open Thread

Oracle Paul the Psychic Octopus predicts a win for Spain. However, having been in Amsterdam during Holland's amazing win over Brazil last week, I