illegal alien

Big Government Republicans In Alabama

Alabama has moved to deny undocumented children a chance to participate in our state's civic religion, i.e. football, but some things are still more sacred than our state's responsibility to shun brown people. Like, say, the legislature's duty to

Unsure What To Be For Halloween?

Target Stores has an idea for you: How about being an "Illegal Alien"? That's right, complete with Area 51 alien rubber mask orange prison jumpsuit

Immigration Is All Satan’s Fault

To fully appreciate the ideology of large parts of the Republican Party, one needs to look past Capitol Hill and consider what state GOP officials are

Vernon Robinson's Sleazy TV Ad

He's baaaack with another sick,vile ad and attacks Brad Miller viciously. [media id=16050]-WMP-download "You needed that job," an announ

Mike's Blog Round Up

Where in Washington, D.C. is Reverend Moon? Moonies smash up newsroom, threaten to kill reporter. Moonboots has more... and Blogesque reports that a G

Kellyanne Conway: Wanker

Saturday Blooper Conway: "We have 8 1/2 illegal aliens in the country today" (hat tip Brian for the video) [media id=13614]-WMP [media id=1361