California's IOU's

This is more bad news for the state in the sun---run by Arnold. From the WSJ: Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs A group of the biggest U.S. ban

Mike's Blog Round Up

I'm Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority, and anyone who says otherwise is trying to trick you. It's Thanksgiving here in the states, so let's take

Mike's Blog Roundup: November 8

Sadly, No! Republicans weep tonight not for their actual losses but because they know they’ll not have a blank check again for perhaps a generat

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Hill: How some lawmakers are sabotaging the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, and why they are wrong. My run-in with a Fundy...We need never bow


Fanatical Apathy: The early returns in Iraq point to a victory for....Iran! Iddybud: Pious GOP frauds show us who they really are. They talk incessan

I'm Birthday Blogging Today!

As you can see, I'm going around to other blogs today and posting what they are saying today. from Blogenlust: It's the Beatitudes, Stupid Here's an