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Open Thread

Jonah Goldberg on Robert Altman: "Personally, I never saw the genius his fans saw." Here's three: MASH, The Player and Nashville...Tbog

Hugh Hewitt: King Hack

I like "The Cowardly Lion" myself as a moniker, but Digby's characterization fits just as well. There is no such thing as the "center&q

Jonah Goldberg Once Again

Jonah Goldberg once again Does this make any sense? "These folks never want to engage whether Gore was in fact telling the truth or exaggerati

Aravosis Vs Goldberg

John Aravosis debated Jonah Goldberg on "Reliable Sources," today about Iran, the Biolabs and the Presidential leaker in chief.. I had never seen Gol

Jonah Goldberg: The Music Critic

Do you remember this train wreck of musicianship? Is it the music or the phrase that enthralls Jonah Goldberg? I wonder what Jonah has on his Ipod?

Jill Carroll Update

CBS Evening News with Lara Logan featured Jill's release last night. TMV reports: "Christian Science Monitor correspondent Jill Carroll's release did

Jill Carroll Update

According to this report, Jill Carroll was under pressure from the group that kidnapped her while taping the interview: "Jill Carroll's kidnappers re