Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Steven Crowder Edition

A double feature today from FOX News' resident clown Steven Crowder, who most recently compared food stamp recipients to animals. This time, he proves yet again that right-wingers have absolutely no idea what socialism is. In this first tweet,

Newt Gingrich Triples Down On His 'Obama Is The Food Stamp President' Flame Throwing

During this Labor Day's GOP Presidential Forum hosted by right-wing South Carolina Sen. Jim Demint, Newt Gingrich decided to triple down on his statement calling President Obama "the most effective food stamp president in American history" and using the city of Detroit as an example to claim that "class warfare and bureaucratic socialism kill jobs."

The State Of Dissent In 1960

(While mainstream America pondered dissent - HUAC was going full blast) [media id=12892] I suppose just how naive our state of media was in 1960 i