Lilly Ledbetter

Lawrence O'Donnell Mocks Conservative Freakout Over Dunham Ad

Lawrence O'Donnell had some fun with the "can't take a joke crowd" such as the prudes over at Fox GOPTV and Rush Limbaugh and their collective freak out over the new Obama for America ad featuring Lena Dunham. As O'Donnell noted, everyone carping

Biden Lays Out Choice For Women In 2012

After his feisty debate performance, Joe Biden hit the campaign trail today, hammering Republicans on their controlling, cynical, sexist attitudes toward women. He didn't pull any punches, either. He called them out for imposing their

War On Women #satire

As the gender gap threatened to undermine their crusade for a one-term Obama, the GOP turned to Twitter to un-sink the Titanic. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about our party’s mandated transvaginal rapes and birth control bans, a host of

DNC Chair: GOP 'Callous And Insensitive' Towards Women

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on Sunday ripped the Republican Party for "turning back the clock for women." During an interview on CNN, host Candy Crowley asked asked the congresswoman from Florida if it