Romney, Newt And Mandates Sitting In A Tree

Newt has constantly denied that he once supported Mitt Romney's health insurance mandate in Massachusetts, but the wayback machine has something else to say about that. Here's a letter written by Newt in April of 2006: The most exciting

Political Super Genius, David Brooks, Has Advice For Obama

Above: A graphic representation of David Brooks' Grand political strategy. What could go wrong?Oh jeez. David Brooks is giving Obama advice again. And don't get me wrong, Obama could use some advice. But sadly, Brooks' current advice does not

Smart And Dumb Ways To Trash Your Enemies

So I've been following recently the debate that's been going on between Digby and Jamelle Bouie over whether it's really wise to use hyperbole and over-the-top mockery to thrash your political opponents. As you can imagine, I largely side with

Mike's Blog Roundup

Our Future: Conservatism, as we've known it since Ronald Reagan, is failing. Ground down in the desert of Iraq, drowned in the floods of Hurricane Kat