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Horses Mouth: The Politico's loud mea culpa darrel plant: John Kerry's endorsement of Barack Obama over his former running mate, John Edwards, has pe

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click for larger We got our wish... Larry Craig has decided to stick around a little longer. More from Driftglass (who made the GOP men's room sign
Ted Nugent: Draft Dodging Coward

Ted Nugent: Draft Dodging Coward

 Many Thanks to Richard Roeper for exposing the wingnut fool known as Ted Nugent (contact info) for being the coward during the Vietnam war that he

One Last Note On Vitter

There are just some stories that really grind me to do. Vitter is one of them. It's one of those stories whose titillation factor (some pun intended)

Mike's Blog Round Up

Jones Town: G-Dub and Darth Cheney get the Dr. Seuss treatment Bob Geiger: Yet another government report showing that the Bush administration ignored