Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk's "Bejing Fundraiser"

Mark Kirk has a problem. Someone keeps leaking documents from his campaign -- highly confidential documents with donor names and fundraising information, goals and alliances. Via Capitol Fax Blog: Congressman Mark Kirk’s US Senate campaign

Follow The Money: Mark Kirk And His Foreign Friends

Over at my home blog,, Mike Lux had a great piece last week on what he called "The most important political story of the year"- that being the blockbuster Think Progress report on how the Chamber of Commerce is raising money from

This Is The Debate Mark Kirk Thinks He "Won"

(h/t Karoli) Well, no one should ever accuse Mark Kirk of a lack of confidence. In fact, he was so confident of his success on this morning's Meet the Press that the NRSC sent out a press release crowing about his performance. Only