Michael Reagan

Fox News Host: 'Bayonets' Zinger Means Obama Has 'Gone Native'

Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Tueday said that President Barack Obama may have "gone native" when he mocked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by pointing out that the U.S. military no longer used as many "horses and bayonets." During the

Fox Fawns Over Paul Ryan, Compares Him To Saint Reagan

Man, this was gag inducing. The other day we had KT McFarland gushing all over the Romney-Ryan ticket, saying it's "like Reagan again!" This Tuesday we had Megyn Kelly continuing with their deification of Reagan, this time comparing him to Paul Ryan: Fox Runs Montage Splicing Together Quotes From Paul Ryan And Ronald Reagan:

Yikes: Michael Reagan Manages To Trivialize Child Rape

Michael Reagan, who's cashed in being the adopted son of St. Ronald of California for a career as a professional wingnut, is very concerned about the president's executive overreach. For more than three years Emperor Obama has been behaving

Michael Reagan: Think Of Liberals As 'Termites'

Former President Ronald Reagan's oldest son on Monday compared liberals to termites who are "eating away at the foundations" of America. Appearing a campaign event for Newt Gingrich in Florida, Michael Reagan encouraged attendees not to "go home

Bill Moyers Journal: Rage On The Radio

Here's one for the memory banks from Bill Moyers Journal, September 2008, talking about the rise of hate talk on right wing radio, and Glenn Beck sayi